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Early Landing Falls

Nestled on Big Wilson Stream is Early Landing Falls, a splendid, modest waterfall with a scenic view to make it worth the visit. Located in Willimantic, this cozy waterfall is surrounded by lush forest, and its easy access makes it a great trip. Don’t forget to bring a camera, because you’ll want to take this waterfall with you. Location: Willimantic Directions: Rt. 150 North to Willimantic. There's a parking lot located just before the bridge. Watch for signs.

Gulf Hagas

The “Grand Canyon of Maine” has four named waterfalls (Screw Auger, Buttermilk, Billings, and Stair) and numerous cascades and swimming holes. There are just under 9 miles of hiking trails, with waterfalls along 4 of them. The entire loop takes between 6-8 hours to complete and your views will reward your hard work hiking the trail.  Location: Gulf Hagas Directions: Heading north from Brownville Junction on Rt. 11, take a left onto KI Road. Drive 7 miles to the entrance to Gulf Hagas.


Hay Brook Falls

With so many waterfalls in the state, it’s hard not to find one that is well known and heavily explored, but Hay Brook Falls is a truly hidden gem. Tucked away inside of KI Jo-Mary Multiple Use Forest, this horsetail waterfall has a 25 foot plunge and a view to experience. Location: KI Jo-Mary Multiple Use Forest Directions: Going north from Rt. 11, turn left onto Ebeemee Rd., which leads to Katahdin Iron Works Rd. Take this for 14 miles.


High Bridge

This little waterfall is complimented by a wonderful swimming hole—a great place on a hot summer day! The trail to reach this waterfall is only about 0.1 miles long, so it’s easy to get to when you need a spot to cool off. Location: Bowdoin College Grant East. Directions: From the center of Millinocket take Rt. 11 South for about 26 miles. Take a right on the Katahdin Iron Works Rd. for about 6.5 miles. Stop and register at the Gate Station.


Little Wilson Falls

Upper and Lower This 25-foot tall waterfall is great for a dip in the cool water. These falls are a popular stop for hikers traversing the Appalachian Trail. Location: Elliotville Township Directions: From Monson, turn onto the Elliotsville Road via Rt. 15. Drive about 8 miles and take a left at the Y in the road just before the bridge. Take a right at the next Y in the road and follow for about a mile. Hop on the Appalachian Trail to the falls.


Tobey Falls

Another one of Maine’s waterfalls that proves that size isn’t everything, Tobey Falls is a brilliant waterfall on Big Wilson Stream. A slide fall, the waters of Tobey Falls gush year round at a 45-degree angle. While it’s only an 8-foot drop, the angle and pressure of Tobey Falls is breathtaking. Location: Willimantic Directions: From Rt. 150 take Willimantic Rd. Take a left on an unmarked dirt road after a barn and drive to the end. A short hike should be anticipated.



Abol Falls

Located near Baxter State Park, Abol Falls is worth adding on to your visit to Mt. Katahdin. On the West Branch of the Penobscot River these falls gush best in the spring, but with serene woodland surroundings and a beautiful view of Katahdin itself, Abol Falls is worth a visit any time of year. Location: Township 2 Directions: Take Telos Rd. (Golden Rd.) from Millinocket Rd. heading north, Abol Falls is roadside.


Katahdin Falls

Maine’s tallest waterfall, Katahdin Falls is a gorgeous and rustic fall inside of Baxter State Park. Kept natural on state park land, this fall, located on Katahdin Stream, is uninterrupted and absolutely worth seeing on a trip to Baxter State Park. Location: Baxter Stare Park Directions: Take Rt. 157/11 North to Baxter State Park. After entering the park, continue until you reach Katahdin Stream Campground.


Ledge Falls

Less of a waterfall and more of an area with slides and rapids, we’re including this on this list because of its popularity within Baxter State Park. If you’re looking for some natural waterslides, check this place out! Location: Township 4, Range 10 Directions: Take Rt. 157 through Millinocket and take a right on Millinocket Ave. (this is sometimes called Katahdin Ave. or Baxter Park Road). Check in at the gate to Baxter State Park and the Ranger will direct you to the west side of the main Baxter State Park Road.


Nesowadnehunk Falls

While not a grand drop, Nesowadnehunk Falls is a powerful fall to be appreciated. This beautiful horseshoe fall is a frequented spot for portrait artists for obvious reasons, with it’s broad whitewaters in the forefront, and a scenic view of Katahdin in the background. Location: Township 2, Range 10 Directions: Take Telos Rd. (Golden Rd.) from Millinocket Rd. heading north.


Sawtelle Falls

This 12-foot, 2-tiered waterfall is a hidden gem! The half-mile trail to get to the falls are easy, and you’ll be happy to find that Lotyou will, most likely, be the only visitors! Your trek to Northern Maine to visit this natural beauty will be rewarded with a dip in the cool waters. Location: Township 6, Range 7 (Shin Pond Village) Directions Take Rt. 11 north to Rt. 159 west through Patten. Continue on to Grand Lake Road, then right onto Scraggly Lake Road.


Shin Pond Falls

The 30-foot drop is a highlight of these waterfalls. If you like to fish, bring you pole; the fishing, we hear, is excellent. Location: Township 6, Range 7 (Shin Pond Village) Directions: From the center of Shin Pond Village head west into Baxter State Park. Drive for 4.5 miles and the entrance to the falls will be on your left. Look for a wooden sign. It’s a 10-15 minute hike to the falls.

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